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Why STEM Education?


In the new global economy, [we] need a workforce with the knowledge and skills to compete. A new workforce of problem solvers, innovators, and inventors who are self-reliant and able to think logically is one of the critical foundations that drive innovative capacity... . A key to developing these skills is strengthening science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) competencies in every K–12 student.

~ Innovation America: Building a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Agenda. National Governors Association, 2007.



The MISF STEM Program, now in its 8th year, encourages and supports MISF members in their efforts to introduce and enhance STEM education in their schools. The program offers financial support in the form of STEM Grants, product donations from corporate partners and subsidies for access to community-based STEM resources. The program also promotes teacher professional development through an annual STEM Teacher Seminar and opportunities for teachers to network and share ideas.

MISF is active in the Minnesota Compass STEM Cradle-to-Career Continuum Advisory Committee, which collectively recognizes Minnesota's need for STEM-literate workers through the development of STEM skills and interest in students from the early years and along the continuum of learning. The cradle-to-career continuum model identifies home, school and community as the foundation of the STEM continuum. Independent schools are built on close school-home connections and are also proactive in reaching out to their communities. MISF and Minnesota's private and independent schools are primed to leverage these relationships to deliver effective STEM education to more than 74,000 of Minnesota's children, from kindergarten through high school graduation.


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STEM Grant Program

The MISF STEM Grant Program provides financial support to MISF member schools to help them introduce or enhance STEM learning opportunities for their students. All MISF member schools are eligible to apply for a STEM Grant.

There are three types of STEM Grants:


Starter Grants: 

For member schools that have never received a MISF STEM Grant to acquire and integrate STEM curricula or educational materials into their existing curriculum. The maximum starter grant is $1,500.


Innovation Grants: 

For projects that develop authentic integrated STEM learning opportunities in an engineering design or scientific discovery framework. The maximum innovation grant is $7,500.


Sustainability Grants:  

For prior STEM Grant awardees to support implementation of a previously funded project for a new group of students. The maximum sustainability grant is 20% of the original grant amount.


The STEM Grant Guidelines, Application Forms and Scoring Rubrics are available for download here: 2015 STEM Grants


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STEM Education Conference


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