Become a Member

MISF is pleased to offer its membership to the state’s entire community of K-12 private and independent schools. Every nonpublic school in Minnesota deserves to benefit from MISF’s work, which includes:  protecting the education quality and autonomy private schools provide to thousands of students; safeguarding the public funds schools, staff, students, and families have the right to receive; and supporting parents in their choice of a school that best meets their child’s needs.

Membership is open to both accredited and non-accredited K-12 private and independent schools in Minnesota. Annual membership is based on an affordable $4 per-student fee, with a minimum per school fee of $200. Maximum fees willl not exceed $5,000 per school. Membership fees include a number of valuable benefits to enhance the growth and strength of each school.

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Your generous donation of any size will help support MISF’s programs and initiatives. What a great way to help Minnesota’s kids receive a high-quality K-12 private and independent education.