Facts About School Choice




  1. vThere are 18 school voucher programs, 10 tax credit scholarship programs, and 6 personal tax credit programs in 19 states across the country.
  2. vThere is nearly $600 million in dedicated funding available for school voucher and scholarship tax credit programs nationwide. Over the past five years, the amount of dedicated funding for school choice programs has grown from $268 million.
  3. vMore than half of the school choice programs enacted over the past five years were either passed by Democratic legislatures or signed by Democratic governors.
  4. vThe nation’s longest-running school choice program is the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (a voucher program created in 1990).




  1. vStates with school voucher programs and/or scholarship tax credit program include: Arizona, Colorado, Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin.
  2. vTwo states (Ohio and Arizona) have three school choice programs each.
  3. vLegislators in 40+ states introduced legislation to enact school choice programs during the most recent legislative session.



Student Enrollment


  1. vThere are 190,239 children benefitting from school voucher and scholarship tax credit programs across the country. The state with the highest number of students in school choice programs is Florida.
  2. vThere are 67,267 students enrolled in school voucher programs and 122,972 students enrolled in scholarship tax credit programs.

From The American Federation for Children



The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice




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